It’s official: today I move from the ranks of disreputable, careless, independent bloggers to the elite cadre of disreputable, careless bloggers who write for major news outlets. I am now of the Washington Post‘s Monkey Cage.

The popularity of my personal blog has been built primarily on the international development equivalent of cat pictures. I expect that tradition to continue here, since the Post only wants topical, newsy, thoughtful analysis. So do not worry–this blog will remain a lonely outpost of Star Wars trivia and cool, largely inaccurate graphs taken out of context.

I predict a period of time where I compose careful and detailed analysis for The Monkey Cage, most of which is too boring to read, before I lapse into my usual routine of idle speculation informed by reading two paper introductions (well… one paper abstract and a title).

Actually, I sincerely have no idea what I will write for The Monkey Cage, and I am basically seized by panic. Fortunately, panic is the writer’s and academic’s best friend–the source of all original thought and prose.

Finally, for those of you wondering, “How will he blog both here and at The Monkey Cage?” Won’t this affect the volume of silly trivia and obscure papers I receive?” The answer is “Yes, but it probably won’t be as bad for the blog as baby number two.” So there is that. Plus I start 18 months of leave in May, and I expect both this and The Cage to be excellent, excellent procrastination devices.

See The Cage here or @MonkeyCageBlog.

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