“The life cycle of a research assistant”

Birthday wishes for JPAL’s 10th (with props to IPA) from several of its survey monkeys and Stata minions valued research staff:

As a former survey monkey and Stata minion myself (and a current employer of several) I wholeheartedly concur.

To put on my grumpy old man hat for a moment, I will point out that in the good old days we raised money for our own plane fare. Thank goodness we are past that.

JPAL and IPA are doing their annual hiring drive now, so do apply.

If you’re looking for an NYC-based position, I’m also recruiting. I pledge there will be pretty much zero stapling.

One thought on ““The life cycle of a research assistant”

  1. The best part is his excitement for his name in the paper hahaha, I’m a field coordinator myself so I totally share that feeling :)