Randomized evaluations: The handbook(s)

k10085Everything you need to know in one volume, by JPAL’s Rachel Glennerster and Kudzai Takavarasha.

Basically this is a how-to guide for the practitioner, or researchers who are new to RCTs and want a checklist and how-to guide to avoid common pitfalls. I certainly wish I’d had it a few years ago.

For veterans it’s a useful reminder and checklist. And teaching tool. I’ll use it for undergraduate and graduate classes.

For the more technically-minded, good pairings are Mostly Harmless Econometrics (by Angrist and Psicke) and Field Experiments (by Gerber and Green. Both are required reading for any serious field empiricist. Deaton’s Analysis of Household Surveys is also free online, or you can buy a paper copy.

I wish there were a good handbook like this on data collection in developing countries. Any reader suggestions? I bought several copies of an old Casley and Lury book, now out of print and out of date.

Update: Was just alerted to Overseas Research: A Practical Guide, which I have not read but looks promising for new researchers.