Do Republican Presidents kill babies?

Across all nine presidential administrations, infant mortality rates were below trend when the President was a Democrat and above trend when the President was a Republican.

This was true for overall, neonatal, and postneonatal mortality, with effects larger for postneonatal compared to neonatal mortality rates.

Regression estimates show that, relative to trend, Republican administrations were characterized by infant mortality rates that were, on average, three percent higher than Democratic administrations.

In proportional terms, effect size is similar for US whites and blacks. US black rates are more than twice as high as white, implying substantially larger absolute effects for blacks.

A new paper titled, “US Infant Mortality and the President’s Party“. I like my title better.

4 thoughts on “Do Republican Presidents kill babies?

  1. Correlational analysis with a sample size of 9. Causal identification seems totally believable . . . .