Happy 6th blogiversary

Hard to believe it’s been six years! The blog had a whopping 1.1 million page views this year, so thanks to all the new and regular readers.

It was a momentous year. First, the reason this blog got turned off this summer, and almost didn’t survive:


And yet the ultimate reason this blog may never perish:

research-paper-vs-internet-comicEnough said.


4 thoughts on “Happy 6th blogiversary

  1. Congratulations! Please keep posting for the sake of faculties (and students) all around the globe!

  2. Chris,

    Congratulations! I do enjoy your blog quite a lot, and even if some people (to be honest, not me) may find your writing coming across a bit abrasive at times, your insights are incredibly valuable for fellow junior faculty, for PhD students and academics all around. It was your blog that first made me think of moving towards RCTs (and the perils of actually doing so, as you very astutely pointed out in a blog post).

    And as I told Paul Lagunes and you over Twitter, I think you come across also as a kind-hearted, solid, rigorous scholar who shares his insights in hopes someone else can benefit from them. You are a public good provider, in fact!

    Best wishes

  3. Congratulations. Though I find your incisive style a bit arrogant at times, the honesty in between the lines is priceless. Thanks for sharing your insights for all these years.