Applying for PhDs in political science and economics

It’s that time of year again.

I have updated my page on PhD application and admission advice.

Professors at schools with PhD programs get more questions from aspiring students than they can respond to. Rather than ignore the emails, I’ve written down everything interesting I could possibly say, and a great many uninteresting things to boot. I welcome comments and questions on that page. I can’t respond to individual requests for school or career advice, however.

See last week’s post on MA and MPA programs as well.

3 thoughts on “Applying for PhDs in political science and economics

  1. Thank you! I used that page this past weekend while working on my Statement of Purpose and found it really helpful.

  2. Don’t forget Stanford GSBs PhD in Political Economy! It’s a great interdisciplinary program for people who are methodologically aligned with economics, but are particularly drawn to political questions. Maybe worth mentioning with the sustainable development program at Columbia? (Yes, I am a GSB PE PhD candidate)

  3. Dr Blattman,
    Thanks for this post that I’ve read many times. Please, would you advise a PhD applicant to have a recommendation letter from a research professional who has a U.S. MBA level and a good connection with some professors in the U.S.?
    Thanks and best regards,