“What is the most pointless job in existence?”

A reddit thread. Some of my favorites:

I stood underneath a conveyer belt dropping gravel out of a rock crusher and picked out chunks of odd-colored rock for 10 hours a day without a break. At the rate the gravel was being poured, I may have possibly extracted .001% of the river rock, as i was picking it up by hand, one piece at a time.

I’m an aviation meteorologist at a location without planes.

I once worked a job where I would receive forms that were scanned into a machine that put them into some software. But since the scanner wasn’t perfect, I would have to manually type the mistakes into the machine. It was actually faster to not look for mistakes and just retype the entirety of the forms. We would then shred the forms. I was like the backup to a machine who wasn’t very good at its job.

So my friend has a job walking around a building making sure it isn’t on fire. It is an old building and is no longer up to fire code. So untill the building gets renovated in 2-3 years 3 people have to walk the halls and make sure it isn’t on fire.

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  1. Surprised no one said anything about jobs in the financial sector! Investment banker?