Work for me in Ethiopia (on short notice)

Update: The position has been permanently filled.

I am looking for a research manager in Ethiopia on rather short notice. The project description is here. The question is simple: “More sweatshops for Africa?”

But first, a bit about you: at minimum you have a social science or science/health BA and ideally a little work or field experience. You could also have an MA and considerable experience. The core job will be running data collection over the next 1-2 years, based out of Addis. The more advanced your training, the more likely it is you would be engaged in statistical analysis, data management, and writing.

(Update: you could also be a PhD student who works 50% on this project in country and 50% on your own research)

The position would start in Ethiopia before the end of the summer, and ideally as soon as possible. Candidates already in Ethiopia, including and especially Ethiopians, are strongly encouraged.

If interested, there is more below the fold.

The study assesses the impact of low-skill, low-wage factory jobs on the worker’s wealth, health and politics (among other things). We also ask: what enriches and empowers people more: self-employment in a micro-enterprise, or formal sector jobs at large firms?

We are working with Ethiopian firms in industries from textiles to beverages to commercial farming. When they need to hire 30 or 50 people, they often get hundreds of qualified applicants. We hold a lottery, where some applicants are selected for the jobs, some are selected to receive funds and training to start a microenterprise, and some are offered neither. We follow all over several years.

We’re looking for a project associate for one or (ideally) two years. The person will be responsible for running the project while based in Addis Ababa. This means running surveys, coordinating with factories and partners, and performing data analysis. The job is expected to about a third surveys, a third administration and coordination, and up to a third data analysis. You would work independently under my supervision, from afar. The job could also involve expanding the project to nearby countries (like Kenya) or some time in the US working with me on analysis or training.

The project is fascinating, the people are wonderful, and (south of the Sahara) the climate and food cannot be beat!

To apply, please email this address and attach a CV. Please put your name only in the subject line. The body of the email will be your cover letter. In the cover letter, please introduce yourself and briefly answer the following questions:

  1. What interests you about this position
  2. When is your soonest start date, and your ideal start date (if different)?
  3. Do you have a preference for a one or two year position?
  4. What statistics training and experience do you have, if any? (e.g. examples of courses or types of analysis you have done, programs you use)
  5. Do you have any international field experience? Survey experience?
  6. What are your short term career goals (in the next 2-3 years)? What are your longer term career plans? (e.g. MA and policy jobs, PhD in discipline X, not sure but thinking about X and Y…)
  7. Where are you living now?
  8. In the event some of the work takes place in the US, would you require a work visa?

The sooner you apply, the better (we may make a very quick decision). We will be in contact if you make the short list. Please don’t email these materials to me directly, as there is a human resource team that will do the first screening before passing a short list to me.