The great Google Reader migration of 2013

Where is it moving? Are people converging on a new standard?

I am interested in the general answer, but I am especially interested in hearing my readers’ experiences and preferences.

I am open to helping people coordinate on a particular service.

One of the things I loved most about Google Reader was the ability to “share” with other people. Once upon a time there were about 1000 blog readers who followed my shares, and I in turn followed theirs. The content was much higher quality than the aggregate of my blog feeds, and I enjoyed it far more than Twitter for a number of reasons — easy to scan by eye, for one, and I could see if multiple friends shared the same piece, for another.

Sadly they discontinued this service more than a year ago. It was (very seriously) one of my greatest sources of social and intellectual capital.

If the new RSS reader of choice has such a share function, and I can help the sharers share with one another, I am also happy to facilitate such a network.