Introducing Callum James Annan Blattman


The newest member of the family arrived early Thursday morning, 12:30am, weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz and 21.5 inches long (a big boy). Perfectly healthy.

Callum (pronounced Cal-uhm, like the Cal in California) is a Scot name meaning Dove. Slightly more common in Canada than the US. It doesn’t matter how weird his first name is because, on the schoolyard, if history is any guide, he’ll be Fatman, Splattman, Bladderman, and (not least) nananananananana Blattman.

Mom Jeannie is doing well. Big sister Amara seems proud, though a little wary of what the future holds.

As for me, I either deserve bonus points or my head examined, since I was able to resubmit a journal article from the triage room while Jeannie was in early labor, waiting to be admitted. In my defense the contractions were not at all serious at that point.

Most readers are no doubt slightly horrified at reading this. But tenured faculty are presently nodding their heads, thinking, “Ah yes, all is as it should be in the incentive system.” My coauthor, meanwhile, thinks I deserve American Political Science Review brand diapers for life. I will let you know if they arrive.

68 thoughts on “Introducing Callum James Annan Blattman

  1. Congratulations Mr. Blattman! I see now why you disappear from twitter and even blogging since last Wednesday :)

  2. Congratulations Chris and Jeannie!! Amara looks so sweet as does Callum.

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