In which I begin to sound like an old fogie? #LOLCoups edition

Reacting to Egypt’s growing chaos, the head of the army warned on Tuesday of the “collapse of the state” if political forces in the country did not reconcile, reflecting growing impatience with the crisis from Egypt’s most powerful institution.

…His remarks, quoted on an official Army Facebook page, came as violence in Cairo began to escalate.

That is leading the NY Times. The emphasis is mine.

That is correct: Egypt’s supreme military leader has warned of state failure and weakly threatened a coup on the same site where most people share cat and party pictures.

Presumably this predates any official press release, as I am fairly confident the NY Times does not lead with Facebook status updates when they have any other option. I can just see the editorial board asking: “Please tell me he at least tweeted the same,” or “Can we abbreviate the quote before the ;) ?”