Research positions: Work for me, or for IRC

Two jobs that might be of interest. (And a reminder, and an apology, that I only post jobs on this blog if it’s working for me, or for someone married to me. Otherwise I get bombarded.)

I’m looking for a research assistant preferably already in Liberia, and ideally a Liberian, Ito work on a project from January to May 2013 to supervise data collection. Applicants need to have a university degree and, preferably, some relevant experience. If you think this is you, mail both Robert Blair and Colombine Peze-Heidsieck.
The second position is working with my wife ay at IRC. They are looking for a Senior Technical Advisor in Organization-wide Monitoring and Measurement. This is basically a senior position for someone with both academic rigor and organizational experience. Their job is to build an organization-wide performance measurement and management system. Gluttons for such punishment should see the full job ad here.