The anarchist’s cookbook, updated, without the explosives, and for international audiences

The actual title is The Outsider’s Guide to Supporting Nonviolent Resistance to Dictatorship. My alternate title was suggested by a colleague.

The manual comes with a disclaimer:

The following pages are designed to kick start a global conversation on how—and how not—to support democratic activists around the world. Included below are more than 120 nonviolent resistance tools and tactics available to governments, diplomats, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, corporations, IT experts, and ordinary citizens across the globe.

As can be seen, some of these methods are tried and trusted; some have never been put into practice. A few tools could do great harm, while others may do a great deal of good. The authors of this document are not so bold as to suggest that we know which is best. Instead, we aim simply to provide an overview of the tools and techniques those outside repressive regimes can and are employing to counteract authoritarianism. We do not offer a list of instructions for how to do so.

I cannot vouch for everything in the manual but my browsing suggests there are good ideas for daring but radical readers.

I’m actually more and more interested in protest movements in Africa, or even developing countries in general. Reader recommendations on what to read or who to look out for or contact would be welcome.

Any pointers to interesting organizations mobilizing and organizing? Or suggestions of ones that do not but should?