Disney is planning the release of a new Star Wars film in 2015

Disney has acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion in stock and cash…

And in what is mind-blowing news for fans, Star Wars will be getting a new lease on life…without Lucas. The next films will be made by “a new generation of filmmakers.”


I think what we all fear is more or less captured by this picture:

Jon Stewart

The upside: George will not directing.

The downside: everything else in the picture could very well be in the film.

Actually, I do have a fair amount of faith in Disney. There is a small chance, however, that it will simply be all Jar Jar, all the time.

Of course, I will still watch them. Even if they are bad, probably six times. It’s a problem, i know.

Postscript: To understand my disillusionment with Lucas and prequels, do watch this brilliant film commentary.

8 thoughts on “Disney is planning the release of a new Star Wars film in 2015

  1. After the original trilogy, some of the best representations have come in medium other than movies – for example, I think the game Knights of the Old Republic managed to capture the spirit of Star Wars much better than the three prequels. But yeah, I agree with you, even if the new movies are going to be bad, I will still watch them.

  2. Remember that Disney also owns Marvel, which has produced some fairly decent films as of late (at least, of higher average quality than the prequel trilogy). This doesn’t guarantee anything for Star Wars, but does she they are capable of keeping a safe distance creatively.