Sentence of the day

Pro-life and pro-choice debaters delight in presenting each other with exquisitely extreme moral dilemmas: “Would you ban abortion even in case of rape?” “Would you permit abortion even when done only to select the sex of the child?”

These dorm-room hypotheticals do not have very much to do with the realities of abortion in the U.S. and elsewhere.

That is conservative commentator David Frum writing at

Of the women who choose abortion, 58% are in their 20s. Some 61% of them already have a child. Almost 70% of them are poor or near poor.

Three-quarters say they cannot afford another child.

…Abortion is a product of poverty and maternal distress.

I think this overstates the case, and I’d like to see some serious empirical research. But while we’re waiting 10 years for the peer-reviewed article, this seems like a reasonable working hypothesis.

I’m a little doubtful, however, the pro-life religious conservative movement will begin supporting Obamacare, maternity leave, and support for impoverished mothers. If you don’t become seriously anti-poverty when Jesus tells you, I’m not sure David Frum makes much of a difference.