This blogger will be moving

Some news. I’m going to be leaving Yale this summer and taking an Assistant Professor position at Columbia University, a joint appointment with the political science department and the School of International and Public Affairs.

For the enquiring minds, my first motive was in many ways personal, to live in the same city as my wife and daughter, and have a 15-minute as opposed to a 150-minute commute. It certainly helps to have such a terrific destination.

It’s a bittersweet departure, however, since I’m very fond of New Haven, my department, and amazing colleagues. But Columbia is a great new intellectual home, with some of the most exciting development and political economy research and teaching in the world.

Students: I’ll be teaching the political economy of development to PhDs, African development to SIPA students, and the politics of violence to undergraduates.

Expect a future post on selling you on studying at Columbia.