Thank cloud.

Yesterday afternoon my HP told me that my hard drive failed. “Why are you telling me you have failed?” I wondered, “shouldn’t you just die?”

As it turns out, yes. It appears to be a virus that basically makes it impossible to access files. My first virus since 1996 I think. No idea how it happened.

In any event, I have my entire My Documents folder in a 100GB Dropbox account, all my addresses and calendar in both Plaxo and Google Calendar (oh how I wish they worked together) and all my Yale email in Gmail. So I lost pretty much zero, and in a couple of hours was back up and running on a spare laptop.

I am in love with the cloud.

Right now techno-geeks are sitting there reading this thinking: “Dropbox? Plaxo? What is this, 2009. He should really be using Gweezlewhatsit.”

If so, please do tell. But note that if your definition of a user-friendly program is that it only uses ASCII characters and you have to have a minor in computer science to understand it, my take up probability would be low.

(Oh, and if you about to say “You should really buy a Mac,” save it because we are all a little hateful of you, only a little out of jealousy.)