Sherlock 2012

The second season of the celebrated Sherlock Holmes BBC series is now streaming.

I would not have expected you could transfer Conan Doyle to the present without travesty, but I found it outstanding.

Sadly, it only seems to be available in the UK, while Season 1 streamed easily in the US.

Information on how/where to stream Season 2 welcome. iTunes has just Season 1.

12 thoughts on “Sherlock 2012

  1. Chris – this might seem a little convoluted but it’s how I get all of my BBC stuff streamed when I’m outside the UK and it works like a charm. You can find other directions on the internet, but it involves installing the alternative browser Mgeni and a version of EFF’s Vidalia and making your computer ‘look’ as though it’s in the UK to BBC computers. Windows only? Not sure.

  2. The new season isn’t scheduled to air in the US until May. It won’t show up on legitimate sources until then as well.

  3. Apart from sites which *might* be bordering on illegal (FastPassTV and QuickSilverScreen come to mind) you can access all iPlayer content using getiPlayer ( It’s a clever bit of software that downloads streams, as the BBC uses open source software and licenses. It takes a bit of time to get used to how it works (using linux/text based commands), but it’s a good alternative to waiting months on end!

  4. P.S.

    Or an even easier alternative is using a proxy server (e.g. Hot Spot Shield) and turn it on when you want to watch BBC.

  5. Getiplayer isn’t any more legit than dodgy streaming services. And unless you’re paying a BBC tv license, Vidalia/Tor or even using a UK based VPN isn’t much better.

    It’s much simpler to go fully illegitimate and stream off some dodgy site, download from Usenet, or grab a torrent.

    Or just accept that analog media distributors are still struggling with digital media distribution and wait until May.

  6. I had an easy time watching the season premier on BBC iPlayer by downloading expat shield (which tricks the BBC website into thinking your computer is British, but is way less work for the end user than some of the solutions above).

  7. I do not recommend waiting for the PBS air dates. They cut the show down a bit. However, I’ve heard that the DVD/bluray will be for sale in the UK almost immediately following the final episode this Sunday. If you have a DVD player that can play European DVDs, and you’re averse to torrents/ip masking, this might be your best option.

  8. BBC America showed season 1 (short as it was) and I hope they will show season 2 (also supposed to be short as the writers also work on Dr. Who)