A course that will no longer be taught at Harvard this spring?

PED-231: The Global Financial Crisis: Policy Responses and Challenges

Description: This course examines policies aimed at the prevention and management of financial crises in the light of recent experience. Topics covered include: macroeconomic and microfinancial causes and contributing factors to the global financial crisis; the role of central bank policies in crisis management and prevention; fiscal stimulus packages and bank support schemes; financial regulatory reform and the G20 process; systemic risk and macroprudential supervision; the fiscal legacy of the financial turbulence and the economic recession; and the European sovereign debt crisis.

The teacher is (was) Lucas Papademos. He now has, well, policy respones and challenges to consider.

Course page here (sadly no syllabus). h/t Julian Jamison.

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  1. Similar:http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2011/11/04/libya-ali-tarhouni-revolution/

    “Ali Tarhouni was no friend of the regime. Originally from Benghazi, he was expelled from college for political activism and fled to the U.S. in 1973, at age 22. In retaliation, Qaddafi stripped him of his citizenship and sentenced him to death. Tarhouni earned a doctorate in economics from Michigan State University, settled in Seattle, and had four children, becoming a senior lecturer at UW’s Foster School of Business.
    Then came the moment in February when the tumultuous Libyan revolution erupted. Tarhouni, now 60, sat glued to the television until he could no longer stand staying away. He emailed friends, explaining, “I need to go back to help as much as I can.”