To tagline or not to tagline?

A new site version is on the way, one that will work as well on a smartphone and tablet as a computer.

Reader comments and suggestions solicited:

  1. To tagline or not to tagline?
  2. Suggestions for a better tagline?
  3. Features you would like to see?
  4. Features you would sooner do without?

5 thoughts on “To tagline or not to tagline?

  1. Pro tagline here. I’m an undergrad and when I first stumbled across your blog (probably thanks to Andrew Sullivan), the tagline immediately showed me that I was in the right place.

    You might wanna add the newly found mommy component to it, though.

  2. If by tagline you mean the part where it says “Research, international development, foreign policy, and violent conflict” then I would definitely leave something like that. It’s like a longer title in an academic article–catches more search terms and increases visibility. And it doesn’t hurt anyone.

  3. Yes, keep the tagline. Otherwise someone would have to already know who you are to start reading your blog – the tagline is helpful for new readers and neatly summarizes your work.

  4. Foe the love of God, do not give my iPad a non-standard, streamlined “mobile” version of the page. I have yet to see one I like. If you must, provide a link for the full page, please.