Development blogging: The Survey

Dave Algoso and a handful of other development bloggers are curious: Who reads international aid and development blogs?

I am curious too. He and other bloggers have established a joint survey of readers: take the survey here.

It takes 5 minutes, and is anonymous. Yes it could help us blog better, but mostly it satisfies our curiosity. So think of it as a small reciprocal act for all our blatant self-promotion dedicated blogging time.

Now, if you find yourself thinking, “But I’m very busy today,” then probably you are just the kind of person who will cause non-random non-reponse. This means your response is even more valuable. Because there’s nothing development researchers hate more than unknown sources of bias in statistical estimation.

Would you cause us that pain and hurt? I thought not. Take it.

12 thoughts on “Development blogging: The Survey

  1. are you sure the links are working?
    my internet is fussy, so I cannot guarantee it is not my fault,
    but I cannot reach the survey

  2. Yeah, it looks like it doesn’t work in Safari. Other browsers on Mac work though. Sorry about that – I tested Firefox, Explorer and Chrome and thought that would be enough. I blame Steve Jobs.

  3. Not to quibble too much but wouldn’t it be non-random non-response rather than survey attrition? People can contribute to attrition only after they have been surveyed the first time.

    Since bias by any other name would still be smell as fishy, I did take the survey though.

  4. A quibble, but a quibble I can appreciate. Color my face red. The error of a panel survey person. Who also has too little time to blog clearly and properly. My error now fixed!

  5. I just completed the survey on Safari and it worked just fine. The good thing about this is that we can email to get the results he he he. Thanks for sharing the link!

  6. I’m sorry, Bill, but if you were an expert you would have said, “I guess I have to take it now… (deep sigh) my daughter will be fine seeing me a different day, I’m sure — she’ll be happy knowing I gave up my time because Chris Blattman told me a survey dies whenever I don’t take it.