If a tree falls in a small and obscure UN agency, does it make a sound?

No one seems to have any idea what UNCTAD does, but it has made the smartest development statement I’ve seen from a UN agency lately:

“Africa now accounts for about 1% of global manufacturing, and cannot realistically hope to reduce widespread poverty if its governments don’t take effective measures to expand this vital economic sector”

A lot of people will say, “that kind of obvious, and of course the rest of the UN knows that.” I look at the bulk of programs and actions and respond: “Could have fooled me.”

Source. Will be interesting to see if to gets mentioned anywhere other than African newspapers.

To the PhDs out there, searching for dissertation inspiration: industrial development — no one knows how to do it, but it’s the most important thing in the world. The next big thing in economic theory and empirics as the RCT fad fades?