Chris Blattman’s Blog: Now available with more evil!

Yes, my tweets and blog posts are now appearing on Facebook, through a brand new ‘fan page‘. Please follow, like, comment, and post to your heart’s content.

I didn’t read the 66th through 98th pages of the Terms of Agreement, but I’m pretty sure they now have the copyright to all my research, and will get to choose a husband for Amara on her 18th birthday.

It’s a shame I can’t friend everyone on my regular page, but the last thing I need is 50,000 people seeing, in addition to my posts, pictures of my gleaming white belly in a bathing suit on the shores of Ghana. Draw back the curtain on this wizard, and my allure will be gone forever.

To set up a fan page, I had to decide whether I would be an ‘author’, a ‘public figure’, an ‘artist’, ‘coach’ or other various category. There was no “academic” option, which is perhaps a telling story on the profession. ‘Loudmouth’ and ‘phony’ were also missing. So I chose ‘writer’.

And to those of you who said, “Why not Google+?”, well, I’m still figuring that one out. Not nearly as intuitive as I hoped. But if you +, do feel free to connect and one of these days I will figure out if tweets or blog posts can feed through there.

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