In which I attempt to make this blog available on Facebook

So gazillions of people use Facebook, and often ask to follow my feed there.

Unfortunately, I’m not really willing to friend unknown readers until Facebook lets me separate personal from public content.

Since that day will probably never come, I have set up a Facebook page. I think it is here. You can also find it by searching for “Chris Blattman’s Blog”.

I say “I think” because I am a Facebook ignoramus. I need two sorts of help.

First of all, there are probably a few things I could do or enable on the site to make it more pleasant to use.

In particular, I am not even sure how you become a fan and if becoming a fan makes it easy for you to follow my blog on thew platform.

Second, apparently I need 25 fans just to get a url or page name. Please help me out here if this is interesting to you at all.

Comments welcome.