I don’t think of myself as a cultural imperialist, but…

…I would have thought that the first French person to return home from a visit to America would have run straight to his friends and said, “Guys, guess what? did you know that we can take that shower nozzle and mount it to the wall?

“Yes, yes I know! No longer must we stand awkwardly and cold in the tub, trying to juggle the shampoo and nozzle at the same time!”

“Not only that,” he would continue, “but if you put a piece of plastic between the tub and the rest of the bathroom, the entire bathroom will not get soaking wet! We must spread the word!”

I am quite sure that the average Frenchman is better at juggling the shampoo and nozzle than I. Undoubtedly the wet bathroom phenomenon is a rookie move. But so much about the style and pace of life is better here that the absence of hot showers perplexes me.

French readers: explain yourselves!