In which I am late to the wake

Aid Watch closed its doors just two weeks ago. Bill and Laura will be missed.

I count myself lucky, as I still get to have coffee with them both. But then again Bill’s always more punchy on the keyboard. And if you meet him in person he actually spends half the conversation making coffee that he grew, roasted, ground, filtered, and put through two weird looking machines, all before turning into two fingers of perfect espresso. Then he makes you stir with a dirty pen because he forgot spoons.

Needless to say, the blog will be missed.

Their final post had some fantastic comments and farewells. The prize probably goes to Blair:

… and you’re asking us to believe that it’s a complete coincidence that this happens on the day of the Rapture? How dumb do you think we are? I’m going first!!

Which reminds me I have not seen him around lately.

From Steven Synyshyn, foreboding:

Hey – what is going on? I follow a few aid blogs and this is the third I’ve read of shutting down/ceasing postings for a while or indefinitely. First I read of Good Intentions are Not Enough taking a break (for how long, who knows?), then Tales from the Hood’s indefatigable J informs us he is taking a “permanent vacation” and now Bill and Laura are packing it in. I fear for Blood and Milk. Was there some “State of Aid Blogs” conference or summit I was not invited to? I realize it is the responsibility of the reader stay well-informed and make time for research, however it’s difficult for the less steeped to frame questions and truly understand the milieu of issues at work in any given development issue. I lament for the future of informed aid debate without these plain-spoken blogs, namely Aid Watch (in fact, my “gateway drug” into the aid blogosphere).

Dani Rodrik mostly signed off too.

Finally, an ominous note from someone also named Chris (no, not me):

What’s next, the Blattman signs off to child rear and get tenure?!

Fear not. Blogging takes its toll, but the enthusiasm remains for now. My posting has been weak lately but I expect that to change. Saturday Jeannie and Amara and I head to France for June, where I’ll be sitting at TSE. In theory I’m going to finish 6 papers, take 2 hours of French lessons a day, blog, eat all the canard and foie gras I can stuff myself with, and take off evenings and weekends to spend time with my wife and baby daughter. I’m nothing if not delusional.

2 thoughts on “In which I am late to the wake

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Here On High, I’m taking time off to play with my new puppy.

    Playing with dogs > arguing about development. I’m sure you’ll agree.