The new impact evaluation blog to read

Here you go. The authors are Berk Ozler, David McKenzie, Jed Friedman, and Markus Goldstein, in order of how good looking they are. (But yes, note that I did not tell you whether the order is ascending or descending.)

They are some of my favorite development economists. The blog records their musings on many matters, from policy to field work to technical issues. Here is David on how to get a lot of learning out of a few firms, Berk on stuff you can’t randomize, Jed on small sample studies, and Markus being less than encouraging.

And there are guest bloggers. Here are the Deans of development (Karlan and Yang) advising students on how to engage with an NGO.

I was sadly unable to add to the guest blog, mainly because it is taking everything within my power not to post baby pictures three times a day. But see my earlier advice to students interested in quantitative field research in the field.

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