The U.N. home security system

From the Upright Citizen’s Brigade:

The United Nations now offers your home the same security that countries have enjoyed for years.

If your house is broken into, they will send unarmed observers to watch the burglars and then spend months debating the appropriate nonbinding resolution.

Hat tip to Brian Abelson.

3 thoughts on “The U.N. home security system

  1. That’s absurd — the UN has never claimed to be able to replace the basic capacity of a nation-state to keep order.

    The UN cures diseases. States shoot people to keep order. Both are necessary, but it’s silly to think that a state would ever relinquish its power.

  2. You forgot to mention that the observers also bring cholera with them, ultimately leading to the deaths of several family members.

  3. Perhaps if the UN Home Security System didn’t have five permanent managers who were getting rich from arming the burglars, then it would stand more of a chance.