While we are on the subject of literature…

“But still,” said Emma, “we have to pay some attention to society’s opinions and abide by its morality.”

“Ah! In fact there are two moralities,” he replied. “The petty one, the conventional one, the one devised by men, that keeps changing and bellows so loudly, making a commotion down here among us, in a perfectly pedestrian way, like that gathering of imbeciles you see out there. But the other one, the eternal one, is all around and above us, like the landscape that surrounds us and the blue sky that gives us light.”

Other than these lines, there is sadly little to like in Salman Rushdie’s new novel.

This new novel structures the story like a video game. Pop culture references abound. I put the book down after a joke involving the Terminator.

The Terminator. I am not making that up.