Happy blogiversary

I’m back from my two-week break from blogging, email and work. I happen to be back on the third anniversary of the blog. I did not miss work e-mails. I did miss blogging, however. In future vacations I will switch off email. But I will probably not switch off the blog.

I hope you enjoyed hearing from my coauthors in the meantime. Eric regularly blogs here. Julian hasn’t a blog, yet, but I think he’s a natural, and hope to persuade him to start. Do comment if you agree.

10 thoughts on “Happy blogiversary

  1. Proposed titles for Julian’s blog:
    “Roy’s Identity at Mile 90”
    “Equilibrium at 14,000 Feet”

  2. Yes please to Julian. Chris, I’m excited to hear about what the data from your youth employment programs suggests re the question of whether poor unemployed young men really are(n’t) a source of instability, so I’m glad to see you back to work!

  3. Thanks all! And thanks to Chris for giving me a chance to write here.

    I’m working on getting something going. Chris can even guest blog for me every once in a while, if I’m in a good mood…