Misadventures in urban planning

South Sudan is planning to literally re-build its city centers from scratch…into the shape of some of the safari animals the rest of the world comes to these parts to chase around in open-roofed vehicles.

The multi-decade project is estimated to cost over $10 billion (the government’s annual budget this year was less than $2 billion).

These new urban centers will be owned initially by the private companies who finance the construction, under a public-private partnership model currently all the rage here in the wider region.

That his Alan Boswell blogging. His Business Week story here.

Here is the purported plan for Juba, using the well known rhinoceros solution to gridlock:

The shaded area in the rhino’s nether region is “rural socialized housing”. Ouch.

Same goes for Wau where, poetically, the head (government and military) are supported by an elongated neck (the commercial sector and “international community”):

The tail is a sewage treatment plant, which attaches at the bus depot. Seriously.

See here for the larger pics.