Work for me in New York and New Haven?

I am looking for a statistics monkey research assistant to work with me at NYU this academic year and Yale in the next. Coordinate field projects, analyze survey data, manage grants and budgets, and maybe travel to field sites a little.

The full job ad and application instructions are here, on the IPA website. (Please don’t email me directly; I don’t do the screening.) 

Both BAs and MAs are encouraged to apply. Aspiring PhD students in politics, economics or policy will find this especially useful. But you must have experience in statistics and data analysis. Candidates who can commit to summer 2012 are strongly preferred.

5 thoughts on “Work for me in New York and New Haven?

  1. Once again my lack of data know-how fails me… Let me know when you have need for someone who is completely statistically incompetent!

  2. don’t be a stranger if you need anything from us NYU PhDers! I’m sure some of us would be happy to help/be temp stats-monkeys (well at least 1)…

  3. Dear Chris,
    My name is Chris Elliott, and I am a international development research consultant based in the UK. I have had a look at the job specification and desctription for this role and would be vey interested in applying, I wonder if this position is still available and if there is a closing date?