Wronging Rights fires a shot across the bow of the good ship Enough

The more interesting debate here is the division between the advocacy community, led by Enough, and the expert community. As far as I can tell, Enough has not yet managed to get a single serious researcher of the eastern DRC to sign on to their analysis of the conflict. (Would anyone like to dispute this? I am willing to lower the bar to anybody who has spent more than six weeks straight in the Kivus.)

Kapow! (“Cap’n, methinks we got her attention.”) The full post is here. Amanda promises a full salvo in an upcoming post. It’s just like a Patrick O’Brian novel, only with worse costumes. And the Kivus are kind of landlocked.

To Amanda’s Kate’s point: I’m actually curious whether any of the Congo big-wig analysts have signed on to the Enough plan. Have Prunier or Chretien weighed in? Autesserre? Crawford Young? Herbst, we know, has more radical suggestions. Who are the others?

I will be happy to entertain guest posts from Enough or any experts. It sounds like the CSM is trying to host the debate, and has the advantage of an actual audience. I will entertain its castaways. And make you talk in a pirate accent.

Update: The Amanda part of Katmanda writes here. Who knew legal analysis could make you cry-laugh?