Yang Yi: A new take on underwater photography

This amazing and breathtaking photoseries by Chinese artist Yang Yi, was taken as a personal memoir of his hometown before it is completely gone. Yang Ti has been personally affected by the Three Gorges Dam project along the Yangtze River, which has claimed many Chinese cities, farmland and historical sites.

Via bumbumbum.

2 thoughts on “Yang Yi: A new take on underwater photography

  1. I saw these in an exhibition in Beijing in 2008 just before the olympics. Great, great stuff, even better when you see them as large prints. I was honestly a little surprised they would let him openly exhibit this immediately before such a major event, but I guess that is just my naiveté speaking.

  2. Amazing, post-apocalypse effect. China could look like that in another 500 years when its huge population has used up all the earth’s resources and then starved to death.

    BTW, the anti-robot question is hilarious. Is fire hot? So I wrote “yup” which proved I’m not human just a mechanical software.