Signs that Nigerian fraud is getting out of control

In July I have a NYC – Accra – Monrovia – Addis – Kampala – NYC flying tour-de-force to check in on several surveys. The only Accra-Monrovia connection the travel agent could find was on something called Nigerian Eagle Airlines. I had an assistant check the safety record online (always a good idea with Nigerian carriers) and all looked okay. Then, a few days after booking, this message:

I just received a call from the reservationist at Orbitz. She has very disturbing news regarding the July 1 Nigerian flight. According to her, she received a call from the Nigerian airline who told her that they cancelled that reservation because they don’t accept credit cards because of fraud. So Chris will have to purchase the ticket when he arrives in Accra on July 1.

Cash on delivery flying comes to Nigeria.

I think I’ll change my itinerary.