More useless Internet knowledge: Who is talking about what where?

Lexicalist reads through internet and twitter chatter to break down what people talk about by age, gender, and geography.

Here is “oil spill” (up about 12,000% the last month, mentioned once out of every 11,826 words):

Lighter blue, clearly, means the word is more common.

Here is “africa”:

People are talking about Africa 31% more than a month ago. Top states? DC and… Alabama!

  1. DC (5.9%)
  2. Alabama (5.3%)
  3. Montana (3.2%)
  4. New York (3.1%)
  5. Arkansas (2.6%)

Finally, if you ever asked yourself, “why don’t I see more Internet chatter on cattle?” it’s because you live in the wrong state:

Readers: prize for the best search word. Post links in comments.

Thanks to David Atkin for the pointer.