Poverty professionals and poverty

those of us, including me, who analyze poverty and discourse about poverty, seem to do rather well out of it.

That is Ravi Kanbur reflecting  on poverty professionals and poverty. His proposal:

each poverty professional should engage in an “exposure” to poverty (also known as “immersions”) every 12 to 18 months. I do not mean by this rural sector missions for aid agency officials, nor the running of training workshops by NGO staff. What I mean is well captured by Eyben (2004); these are exercises that “are designed for visitors to stay for a period of several days, living with their hosts as participants, as well as observers, in their daily lives. They are distinct from project monitoring or highly structured ‘red carpet’ trips when officials make brief visits to a village or an urban slum….”

I’m inclined to agree. As readers of my blog know, I also think the IFIs ought to halt business class tickets for staff.

Before leaping to comments I suggest you read the full account, where Ravi addresses some of the knee jerk responses.

Via Suvojit’s interesting blog.