Green card interview bleg

Jeannie and I go for our green card interview on Tuesday morning. I’ve applied through marriage, and so we need to prove that our union is a true one. The wedding and vacation photos, joint accounts, and other documents are gathered in neat little folders on my desk.

Now, normally you’d think a Canadian professor with a job and a work visa wouldn’t be a big worry to the INS. Plus I’m interviewing in Connecticut and not Arizona. But Jeannie quizzed me the other day, and it turns out (1) I have no idea what color her toothbrush is, (2) I overestimated how long we have been married, and (3) we live in different cities and  have different last names

Also, if you squint, you could mistake us for Gérard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell. This bodes ill. I could be blogging from Canada on Wednesday.

Has anyone been through one of these interviews? I’m curious what to expect. There is also the worry that the INS agent could get up on the wrong side of bed, having eaten a bad poutine the night before, prepared to inflict his cheese curdled fury on his meek neighbor to the north.