1848 bleg

What are the best books on the social revolutions of 1848? By “best” I mean intellectually invigorating, but also well written and enjoyable. I’m looking to avoid both the dreariest academic tracts and the lightweight journalistic accounts. I am tempted by the Rapport and Robertson volumes on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “1848 bleg

  1. Eric Hobsbawm’s “Age of Revolutions” is pretty definitive, and he talks about art and literature as well as class.

  2. While much broader, I love What Hath God Wrought from the Oxford American History series.

    Random fact that I learned and loved: before steam ships, Mississippi barge workers would ride the barges down to New Orleans and then spend 6 months walking back home.

  3. See Kurt Weyland’s paper in International Organization last year for an idiosyncratic overview and useful bibliography.