And now for something completely different

Once upon a time, before the events known as “graduate school” and “working abroad”, I was a rock climber. That is only a tenuous justification for posting these photographs on my blog.

Mainly I am just awed by what you can do with cloven hooves.

More pics here. Hat tip to Sebastian.

5 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. Do any follow-up pictures exist for what transpires 30 minutes later? I’d love to see how 2 of those situations play out..

  2. Have you ever seen photos of goats climbing argan trees in southern Morocco? They’re the most precariously placed goats I’ve ever seen, and sometimes there are half a dozen in one small shrubby tree…it’s worth Googling!

  3. Really very nice pictures you shared. Few months ago some edu.birdie has shared some picture via blog, that time i felt same as now. Thanks a lot