Things that probably won’t make it onto a Save Darfur poster

Via Andy Rasmussen, deaths in Darfur? 20% violence, 80% diarrhea.

ultimately means that Darfur followed the common pattern of violent internal conflicts: Initial massacres were followed by massive displacement and the loss of protective health systems, and the problems of displacement ultimately affected the well-being of the population more than the direct experiences of violence.

One thought on “Things that probably won’t make it onto a Save Darfur poster

  1. When you’re the parent of the child who dies of diarrhea, you may still insist that “the problems of displacement” were caused by someone who deserves to be incarcerated. And you may still insist that the direct experience of violence caused the diarrhea, and so the “more than” is meaningless in an analysis of responsibility. “Problems” didn’t cause the deaths, the persons who orchestrated and bore command responsibility did; they have to justify themselves. That so many don’t– from Lt. Calley to Lt. Gen. al-Bashir– is a “problem”. I wish there were more Save this or thats being even more aggressive, not fewer.