African development lectures


I’ve just taught my first class of the year, an undergraduate lecture on African Development and Western Aid.

See the course blog, with readings, and follow along if you like. Lecture slides will be posted.

Update: Turns out non-Yale access was blocked. This should be fixed by now.

6 thoughts on “African development lectures

  1. Dear Chris,
    I have noticed that you moved the course blog to a Yale domain, which can be accessed only with a Yale authentication. Is there any chance to have the resources freely available to everyone? I have to confess that in the past I found your course blog resources very interesting and also useful for my studies.

  2. An excellent syllabus, I was surprised to see all of the readings so ‘young’. Only a handful are more than a decade old. I remember as an undergrad (not all that long ago!) working my way through “essays on the political economy of rural africa,” crawford young, richard sklar, african marxists, etc. Maybe it is a good thing that so much good new work is getting published, but maybe it also reflects vogues in the field?

  3. I agree that the syllabus looks truly interesting. And one more thing: How much would it take to place a small webcam at the far end of the classroom?

    OK, so it won’t be like TED, but still, how about giving it a try?