What to read about Ethiopia?

I’m starting a new project in Ethiopia with Oxford economist Stefan Dercon. (More on that project later, but the two word summary is “randomize Marx”.)

I asked Stefan what I should read. Here’s a sample of his suggestions.

For fiction, an excellent new read is The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears.

A classic is Evelyn Waugh’s news satire, Scoop, not to mention his less-known Abyssinian travelogue.

(Injecting my own recommendation, I recall liking Abyssinian Chronicles)

For non-fiction, regular readers know I love Ryszard Kapuscinski above all other writers, and so I’m thrilled that Stefan recommends The Emperor above all other outside accounts (and many inside ones).

Academic histories? Bahru Zewde and Harold Marcus each have useful volumes.

Finally, everything I ever wanted to know about Ethiopian agriculture is here.

Reader comments and suggestions? Papers, books or articles on the current regime in particular?