This thing called Kroll

When Kroll, working for the displaced government of Kuwait, revealed, in 1991, that Saddam Hussein was a major shareholder in Hachette, France’s largest publisher, it confirmed an existing view in official Paris that, as Norb Garrett put it, “we’re the C.I.A.’s stalking horse.”

Brian Jenkins, a former deputy chairman of Kroll, explained, “The French were projecting. Their secret service worked on behalf of their private sector, no apologies, and their companies working overseas reported to their secret service. They just figured we were being more clever and created this thing called Kroll.”

William Finnegan introduces us to Jules Kroll in the New Yorker.

One thought on “This thing called Kroll

  1. Well in France the commonly held view is that it’s the CIA that’s working on behalf of the American private sector with no apologies.