Podcasts I preferred

While travelling, I’m getting my foreign policy fix from a few excellent podcasts:

  1. Incredible interview with a recently released Iranian journalist on This American Life
  2. More on Iran (plus China) in New Yorker’s Political Scene
  3. Iran plus China plus more when Meet the Press speaks with Hillary Clinton for the hour

I’ve added links to favorite podcasts on the sidebar. Reader recommendations for new ones?

9 thoughts on “Podcasts I preferred

  1. ‘This American Life’ (though not heavy on the international topics) and ‘To the Best of Our Knowledge’, sounds like BBC ‘In Our Time’ which I definitely have to check out now.

  2. I enjoy many of the same podcasts.
    I would also suggest The Economist podcasts, NPR All Songs Considered for music, the New Yorker Comment Podcast, and The New York Times Front Page (5 min. summary of the day’s news, Monday-Saturday).

  3. BBC Radio 4 has two fantastic podcasts: In Our Time, which is about the history of ideas (everything from Social Contract theory to Absynnian libraries) and Thinking Allowed, which is about social science research. Perfect for those long commutes when you don’t want to work.

  4. Africa Past and Present
    Ted Talks
    Great Speeches in History – occasionally updated but worth it
    And the Radio Freetown series was fantastic but appears to have stopped.

  5. The New York Review of Books podcast is really good. They cover international development and conflict pretty regularly, but almost all of the authors featured are interesting. Slate’s podcasts are also usually entertaining, especially the Cultural Gabfest and Political Gabfest


  6. You should definitely add th BBC’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent,’ on of the best roundups of world news, nearly always with interesting subjects and angles. You can find it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/fooc/.

    The BBC’s ‘In Our Time,’ takes a subject once a week (it could be history, religion, literature, anything really), gets a group of academic specialists in, and then gets them to talk about it for 45 minutes. It’s presented by the famous (in the UK at least) journalist, Melvyn Bragg. Unfortunately it’s off air, nut returns in Spetember. You can find it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/iot/.