The one that got away

In honor of the anniversary of Congolese independence (June 30, 1960), I bring you along on a journey into my inner monologue, provisionally titled “Argh! Why is coverage of the Congo always so f***ed up? (Part XVIII).”

My Google news alert for the DRC spat this out for me the other day: “DR Congo: UN calls for urgent reform after women raped during attempted prison-break.” Of course I clicked through, because nothing compliments a breakfast of ibuprofen and coffee like tales of sexual assault in the Congo.

Tragically, however, the linked UN News Centre article provided little in the way of information beyond “Some rapes occurred during a rape by rapists. Also the Congo has prisons.”

A follow-up the next day added that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon was “deeply distressed” by the rapes. Finally, a few days later, I was assured that the UN is totally on top of things and is, even as we speak, in the process of reforming the Congolese prison system so that the events vaguely described in earlier coverage don’t happen again. Phew.

Via Kate at Wronging Rights. You can see why I’m disappointed Yale lost her to Columbia…