NGOs: Please stop training

NGOs love nothing like a good training. Or better yet: training of trainers. What better way to give services to 20,000 people? So much sexier than serving just 200.

I’m in central Liberia observing peace workshops. Local chiefs and elders are the first and last stop for justice of any kind in post-war Liberia. This NGO is educating leaders and the community on mediation skills and human rights.

The problem (as I’ve discovered today): 30 percent of the town has received peace training before.


These people don’t have roads. Surely this can’t be the best use of scarce aid resources?

I guess we’ll find out. It’s one of a handful of UN post-conflict interventons I am evaluating.

It’s too soon to say, but my guess: the outcome will be a very interesting panel data set and a nail in the coffin of peace education.