Africa bound for the next two months

I am off to Liberia for two weeks, followed by two in Uganda, and then another four in Liberia. I am back July 15.

As we all know I’m flying coach. Childless flyers will find this New Yorker Shouts and Murmurs amusing. Parents… not so much.

I’ll blog from abroad when Internet is available, or if I can figure out how to write from my mobile. Many of the weeks will be in remote rural areas, so expect the occasional note from the field.

I’d tell you expect fewer blog posts, but the last time I said that I sat sick in Morovia for two weeks, banned from field travel, blogging out of sheer boredom. So I’ll keep my mouth shut this time…

One thought on “Africa bound for the next two months

  1. Bon voyage! And fingers crossed that no parasites, viruses, or bacteria will interrupt your work.