RA positions opening in Liberia

Interested in running peacebuilding and development evaluations in Liberia? I am advertising for a research associate for one year on the IPA website. Look for the May 11 posting for “Project Associate – Liberia” and follow the instructions to apply.

Update: Seems there is a small problem with the application site. Should be fixed within 24 hrs.

3 thoughts on “RA positions opening in Liberia

  1. I’ve just begun my application! Thanks for publicizing it, love your blog. :)

  2. This is the sort of thing I would love to do, but worry I’ll never get to. I meet the nominal requirments – BA in econ from an unranked state university, quantitative and communication skills proven on a series of low-level management and consulting jobs (both in domestic and international). But I’m coming up on 32 years old and have only recently joined the peace corps to move into an international development career.

    Is a gig like this beyond my aging grasp? And can I do anything to actually *land* a gig like this? Because honestly, it sounds like *exactly* what I want to do next…

  3. Ah — that application is COMPLICATED, Prof Blattman!!!

    I'm getting my MA in Conflict Transformation (and using your WONDERFUL SWAY papers as citations over & over again in my thesis — you're a lifesaver with those) — but the application is a bit too complex.

    I'm in an out-of-the-classroom program and stats like my GPA and check-pluses from professors are not things I can get by stopping by and knocking on some office doors, when you are writing your thesis four thousand miles away from your school campus.

    Oh well — best of luck with that, anyway!