Are you in Nigeria?

If so, have I got plans for you.

Bound for a conference in Colombia, two very good friends were stopped from boarding their connection in Lagos to Paris (to go on to South America) because they didn’t have a French transit visa. Ridiculous. They have been stranded in Lagos for three days, and will be stranded for five more until the next available flight home. They have money only because I just spent three hours in Cartagena’s incredibly frustrating Western Union. Argh.

Johnson and Zawoo are Liberian ex-combatants who, after the first war ended in 1996, started an incredible peacebuilding organization, NEPI. I know few such dynamic people. They don’t know a soul in Lagos, though. If you are interested in showing two remarkable people around, or passing on the hidden (and inexpensive) treasures that Lagos has to offer, throw something in the comments or e-mail me.